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- Renesas Electronics Corporation delivers trusted embedded design innovation with complete semiconductor solutions that enable billions of connected, intelligent devices to enhance the way people work and live—securely and safely. A global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, and SoC products and integrated platforms, Renesas provides the expertise, quality, and comprehensive solutions for a broad range of Automotive, Industrial, Home Electronics, Office Automation and Information Communication Technology applications to help shape a limitless future.

Synergy™ Platform

Renesas Synergy Platform

The Renesas Synergy Platform provides the tools to accelerate your design, adding time for IoT product innovation, and differentiating you from the competition. Learn More

RPBRX65N Envision Kit

Image of Renesas' RPBRX65N Envision Kit

Renesas' RPBRX65N envision kit addresses the need of microcontrollers supporting different aspects of security. Learn More

Global LTE IoT Cellular Connectivity

Image of Renesas' Global LTE IoT Cellular Connectivity

Renesas' AE-CLOUD2 provides a wide breadth of functionality for rapid evaluation, prototyping, and development of global LTE IoT cloud-connected applications. Learn More

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Image of IDT and Renesas Winning Combinations Banner

Featured Products

Image of Renesas' Synergy™ Development Kit DK-S3A7

Synergy Development Kit DK-S3A7

Renesas Synergy™ DK-S3A7 development kit is host to a Synergy S3 series MCU from the S3A7 group, a super-efficient MCU because of its ARM®Cortex®-M4 CPU core with FPU. Learn More

Image of Renesas' Synergy™ S1, S3, S5, and S7 Series MCUs

Renesas Synergy™ S1, S3, S5, and S7 Series MCUs

Renesas' Synergy™ MCU series, spanning a wide spectrum, are based on 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M CPU cores for use in products ranging from ultra-small mobile devices to large, calculation-intensive applications. Learn More

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ISL8204M Power Conversion Modules Publish Date: 2010-02-03

Intersil's ISL8204M Power Conversion Module is complete and ready for market. Order it now at!

ISL8206M Power Conversion Modules Publish Date: 2010-02-03

Intersil's ISL8206M Power Conversion Module is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Order it now at!

ISL5960x MegaQ™ Automatic Composite Video Equalizer Publish Date: 2010-04-15

ISL5960x MegaQ automatic composite video equalizers are single-channel adaptive equalizers that compensate for long runs of Cat 5/6 or RG-59 cable.

ZL9101M Digital DC/DC Power Module Publish Date: 2011-09-22

Intersil's ZL9101M is an encapsulated, highly-integrated digital DC/DC power module designed for point-of-load (POL) power management.

Power Discrete Portfolio Publish Date: 2012-02-10

Renesas offers a variety of discrete power products including MOSFETs, IGBTs, Thyristors, and TRIACs for advanced applications.

RL78 Microcontrollers Publish Date: 2012-03-30

RL78 MCUs are high quality and efficiency and feature true low power, broad scalability, and can reduce system costs.

Tools and Support

Image of Intersil's PowerNavigator


Intersil's PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface. PowerNavigator™ makes it easy to change all features and functions of your digital power supply design using a simple graphical user interface. Learn More

Image of Intersil's Product Cross Reference

Product Cross Reference

Find the perfect Intersil replacement part - everything from a functional equivalent to a pin-for-pin drop in. Learn More

Image of Intersil's PowerCompass Multi-Load Configurator

PowerCompass™ Multi-Load Configurator

Intersil’s PowerCompass tool helps users quickly identify parts that match their specific requirements, set up multiple rails, perform high-level system analysis, and generate custom reference design files. Learn More

Image of Intersil's iSim™ Design Simulator

iSim™ Design Simulator

Intersil’s iSim™ is an interactive, web-based tool for selecting and simulating devices from Intersil’s broad portfolio. Based on input and output specifications provided by the user, iSim will find all suitable Intersil devices for your application. Currently, iSim is available for Intersil’s power management devices and operational amplifiers. Learn More

Image of Intersil's Application Block Diagram

Application Block Diagrams

Intersil provides platform-wide power management and analog signal processing solutions in areas such as computing, commercial/industrial, consumer electronics, display, FPGAs, hi-rel/space, medical and networking. Learn More



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High Voltage Buck-Boost Controller Family Publish Date: 0001-01-01

This presentation will introduce the features and applications for the high voltage buck-boost controllers.

Duration: 5 minutes
Digital to Analog Converter Part 1 Publish Date: 2010-12-01

Explaining how a D/A is specified and the typical performance of an on-chip D/A built into an H8S series MCU.

Duration: 10 minutes
Digital to Analog Converter Part 2 Publish Date: 2010-12-01

Offers higher a resolution of 14 bits and is commonly used for applications such as radio tuners, high-precision VCOs, and digital servo systems.

Duration: 10 minutes
Project Generator Functions of the High-Performance Embedded Workshop Publish Date: 2011-05-06

Project Generator functions of HEW work with the HEW toolchain applications (compiler, assembler, and linker) to shorten system development time.

Duration: 15 minutes

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How to Choose a Power Module

How to Choose a Power Module

Dave Jones reviews the Renesas RX development board

Dave Jones from EEVBlog reviews the Renesas YRDKRX62N RX development board.

RX Low Power Modes

Explanation of the low power design techniques used to enable the 1mW per DMIPS power efficiency of the RX micro-controller during RUN mode.

RX RDK New Demos

Explanation and demonstration of the new example software for the YRDKRX62N demonstration platform.