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Image of Linear Technology's LTC2333 SAR ADCs
LTC2333 16-/18-bit, 8-Channel SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

Analog Devices’ LTC2333 analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are ideal for process control, programmable logic controllers, and test/measurement applications.

BEL Power Protect Connect
Power, Protect, Connect

Bel Solutions are involved in design, manufacture and sale of product in applications concerning circuit protection, connectivity, magnetics, power and more.

Image of BONKOTE™ BONPENS Refillable Flux Pens - O.C. White
BONKOTE™ BONPENS Refillable Flux Pens

O.C. White's BONKOTE™ BONPENS refillable flux pens are ESD safe, available in seven distinct styles, and are used for a variety of applications.

Image of SCHURTER's PSUP 24 VDC Switching Power Supply
PSUP 24 VDC Switching Power Supply

SCHURTER accessorizes its illuminated Metal Line switches with the PSUP 24 VDC universal switching power supply.

Image of RSEV Series 6 A to 30 A, 250 V EMC Filters - TDK-Lambda
RSEV Series 6 A to 30 A, 250 V EMC Filters

TDK-Lambda's RSEV series are easy-to-install compact sized chassis-mount and DIN rail-mount 6 A to 30 A 250 V EMC filters.

Image of NXP's LPC51U68 MCUs
LPC51U68 Microcontrollers

NXP's LPC51U68 microcontrollers have expanded memory resources, added performance, and flexible serial port configuration for embedded applications.

EPC9129 Wireless Power Kit - EPC
EPC9129 Wireless Power Kit

EPC’s 33 W wireless power kit, EPC9129, comes complete with a Class 4 transmitter paired with a regulated Category 5 AirFuel™ Alliance compatible device.

Image of Pulse Electronics' PA433xNLT Series Shielded Drum Core Inductors
Ultra-Low Profile Shielded Drum Core Inductors - PA433xNLT Series

Pulse's PA433xNLT series ultra-low profile shielded drum core inductors offer reduced flux leakage for improved EMI.

Image of Power by Linear / Analog Devices’ LTC3330 Energy Harvesting, Buck-Boost Converters
LTC3330 Energy Harvesting Buck-Boost Converters

ADI's LTC3330 power supply combines a full-bridge rectifier and high voltage buck converter and harvests energy from piezoelectric, solar, or magnetic sources.

Image of Seeed Technology's ReSpeaker Core v2.0
ReSpeaker Core v2.0

Seeed Technology's ReSpeaker Core v2.0 allows users to create powerful voice and sound interfaces for smart assistance and environmental sounds.

Image of Digi International's 6330-MX Compact, High-Performance LTE 4G Router
6330-MX Compact, High-Performance LTE 4G Router

Digi’s 6630-MX integrates advanced features with multiple failover and load balancing options to provide powerful reliability and results.

SmartMotion™ Development Platform - TDK/Microchip
SmartMotion™ Development Platform

The TDK SmartMotion platform is a comprehensive development kit for InvenSense motion sensor devices. The platform is designed around a Microchip SAMG55 MCU.

EPC2202/EPC2203 GaN Chip-Scale AEC-Q101 Qualified FETs - EPC
EPC2202/EPC2203 GaN Chip-Scale AEC-Q101 Qualified FETs

EPC’s successful AEC-Q101 qualification means automotive electronics can now take full advantage of eGaN devices.

Image of Lumberg Automation’s LioN-P Distributed Control Unit
LioN-P Distributed Control Unit

Lumberg Automation’s LioN-P µDCU can be used as a standard I/O module, a standalone DCU, or in a mixed DCU in combination with a higher-level PLC.

Image of Wakefield-Vette's High Performance Re-Circulating Liquid Chillers
High-Performance Recirculating Liquid Chillers

Wakefield-Vette's high performance HPLC series compact liquid chiller has both air cooled and water-cooled options available.